Jump Start

The software connects COE and district staff to data “on demand.” Your network and the software manage this feat together, simply and transparently.

What does this mean to you? It means that when you view accounts, requisitions or any other records in the software, you see up-to-the-minute information. As you make changes to records, those changes are immediately available to others.

This topic introduces you to the basic concepts and techniques of the software. The discussion is general in nature, giving you a foundation for use of the system. It is written at the most basic level: users in the Admin role with a single location in a single organization, but we will point out capabilities for other types of users. Depending on your district’s setup, your screens may look slightly different.

Use the Jump Start topics to understand concepts, such as:

User Permissions

Logging in and out

The “Look”

Navigating Search/List/Forms

Understanding Your Workspace

Searching for Records

Working from a List

Using the Grid

Editing, Deleting, Saving Records

Using Lookup Windows

Account Authorization and Use

Getting Notifications (Message Center)

Home Page (Setting Your Preferences)

Quick Starts